I am a competitive person. I want to win! Not a cut throat win at all cost no matter who gets hurt kind of competitive person but a competitive person. It’s my dirty little secret but I find it only fair to come clean. I have spent years trying to humble it out of me and be a team player but the results had only been a doomed life of mediocrity for me and those around me. It is the competitive spirit that drives us and those around us to strive for greatness. I want to give a big fat Thank you to my 6 year old daughter for awakening it in me.
Sometimes we end up with 2 cars at one location do to different schedules and what not. My daughter loves to beat the boy’s home. At first it was just a cute little thing. Oh daddy we beat you and the boys. Then yesterday she wanted to ride with daddy. Just me and my 9 year old that has no concern about beating anyone anywhere. (Yes there is a gift in that too). I thought maybe I’ll just wait here and let them win. No harm in that, right? The plan was my husband would text me when I had the all clear to leave the dealership. Then in my rearview I see him pulling out. I went into competition mode. That dirty dog….He thought he could cheat! So I get my game face on. The simple act of him innocently pulling ahead of me heightened my senses. My intuition went through the roof and I began plotting….um I mean planning, yes, planning the best possible route to win. I followed all traffic laws and all social rules of friendly competition and when I was 3 cars in front of them at the 4 way stop I called to say “Eat my Dust suckas”. OK so maybe that was over the top. But the point is without the friendly race to get home it would have taken both of us longer to get there. Our intention became laser focused on our common objective.
It reminds me of playing sports when I was younger. Some of THE best tennis games of my life were played against far superior players then myself. Bottom line you up your game when playing with someone with a higher skill level.
Yes there is something to be said about the only competition you should be concerned about is the person you were yesterday. But if the person you were yesterday was someone sitting on the couch licking ice-cream off your shirt the idea of looking to someone maybe slightly ahead of you might inspire a faster route to success. (Sad to say the ice cream story is one of a personal nature). So a few things to keep in mind when sharpening you competitive edge.

1. Don’t be a jerk. Jerks always end up covered in mud or driving into a truck full of manure ala back to the future Biff style.

2. Name calling or cheating just shows lack of skill on your part (Sucka is a term of endearment and is allowed if both parties agree to it)

3. Inspire others to greatness by being yourself ALWAYS ALWAYS be yourself!

4. The goal should be to play your best game not to shame or embarrass the other friendly competitors

5. Laughter and joy should be infused into every moment of the race

6. When you lose (shudder the thought) it’s important to celebrate the heck out of your opponent because you really are inspiring each other to greatness so everybody wins

7. Win you win taunting or teasing should be kept to a minimum opt for a celebration of the victor not a condemnation of the person in second place

8. And number 8 know when to dial down your crazy. Don’t become Monica on friends where EVERYTHING is a competition. All things in moderation including a healthy competitive edge

So share some victories! Post your wins or even you fails or even your crazy. We are all friends here.