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My much-needed break from reality got me thinking: why do we lose our vim and vigor for life in the first place? What exhausts us so much about living life?

Then it hit me like a Chevy to the face…I realized it’s not living our lives, it’s trying to live our lives using someone else’s outdated rule book that has us beat up, broken down, and muttering, “Oh, I’m fine,” while holding back our deepest soul’s desire to connect…to be heard…to be seen….loved and adored, damn it!!!!! So I am going to be a little unconventional in this blog to you. I am going to pull back the curtain and tell you what I “should do,” according to a sleazy marketing playbook, versus what I am going to do…‘Cause that’s how my peacock rolls.

Reading a book by a popular author on how to re engage my people flawlessly outlined how I should virtually bounce you all over the place (it’s actually a technique used by pick up artists: they invite someone off the dance floor to get a drink, or to go outside for some fresh air, it increases the trust factor and increases the odds when someone goes in for the sale…or they invite you up to the apartment…the mark will take the bait)…Seriously! But that way of “doing business” repulses me and if I had to do it that way I would walk away from coaching all together. You deserve so much better than that; absolutely no one should be viewed as a mark or a sale….ever…period! My mother taught me to lead with my biggest asset (no it isn’t my ass, although that is an asset)….it’s my heart.

Why on earth would I want to manipulate someone that I want to build a relationship with?

So I am out to prove that I can have a million dollar business by leading with my million dollar heart, with zero manipulation.
I actually want to lovingly release anyone that doesn’t resonate with me and my mission. Why? Because I am leading with my heart. There are 7 billion people on this planet and I need to speak my unique stance and perspective loud and clear, so that my people can hear me and know without a doubt I am talking to them.

In all my years of personal work and thousands of coaching clients I have found your soul has 1 of 3 ways to get your attention:

  1. Money
  2. Health
  3. Relationships.

If you aren’t living your ideal life in all 3 of these areas….Your soul is calling out to you. The thing is we are so busy trying to be what THEY told us to be in order to be happy, we have gone and left the true Authentic Us in the dust. This isn’t about any politics or New Age religion, this is getting back to YOU. That’s all it is. All of my inner-circle clients will tell you what starts out as a lack in money or relationships or even health issues always uncovers a deeper disconnect. What I am supposed to do is hook you with fancy language and tell you I can fix your money, health and relationships (which is true, I can), but it’s so much freaking more than that, it’s about giving you back your most precious gift….YOU!

So without further a-do…

Why the weirdo title for this blog?

Peacock Only-01I am unveiling my new logo with a sexy little peacock. Funny thing about peacocks, beside the fact that they have cock in their name. (You naughty thing!) they symbolize fresh starts, individuality and badassery. Did you know that they shed their tails like every year? It’s kind of like a phoenix but way less overused and real. And there is a hilarious line from the movie The Other Guys about peacocks. Point blank: we get to reinvent ourselves every year to unveil more beauty, just like my friend the Peacock.

I am a stand-for-hijacking-normalcy and creating a life full of energy.

I believe being naughty is a necessity.

I am a stand-for-people-being-playful-again, not just while on vacation.

I am an expert in giving people the courage and permission to let go of what others want them to be.

I believe that having fun is imperative to making money, healing your body, and creating nurturing, loving relationships and loving life.

The key to happiness is raw, exquisite vulnerability. Once you are comfortable being the real you, a drool-worthy life is imminent and possibility abounds.

It’s time to start living my life unfiltered and I invite you to do the same.

Let’s drop the masks of perfect and opt for a life of being #youunfiltered