Happy child

This morning I was sitting enjoying a virtual coffee date with a dear friend of mine. We were talking about websites and content and concluded the biggest risk is figuring out if we like ourselves and if we can survive after putting ourselves “out there.” I agreed that for me I have ZERO beef putting myself out there when I’m meeting new people or speaking. I am all Mandy ALL the time, but I said something about when I write it down I have been putting my filter on. Don’t want to offend so I gotta tone it down.


The flash bulb memory of when I was in 6th grade. A friend of mine was being bullied by a teacher. She had made a bad choice but the way the teacher chose to handle it was completely demoralizing and she was visibly effected by this encounter. Being the comforter of those in need I wrote a note in true Mandy fashion telling her to shake it off and I am almost certain a hilarious observation of the teacher was made to make my classmate laugh and return balance to the universe. Except said note was intercepted from me by a member of the wrong audience. I had accomplished my goal in the fact that my friend had restored her confidence in herself as a person, while still acknowledging the wrong doing on her part. I’m no enabler but beating someone’s will into submission to prove a point is NOT my idea of a good time. That story was the story that came to mind when thinking of why I filter myself when writing copy for my website. Because I got in major trouble. My mom told me it was ok to comfort my friend but the fact that it was in writing, disciplinary action had to be taken against me.

My colleague laughed and said….”Clearly the teacher was NOT your audience”…. How did your friend receive it?….”
“Well, it changed the rest of her school year and she was able to make it through without the teacher taking her down anymore.”
And my very wise friend said, “You served the one in pain; THAT was your audience.” So, I am writing this story to remind you that if you are worried about what the haters are going to say, shift your focus. Ass hats will be ass hats–that’s not your audience and that is NOT who you serve! You will serve the ones you are meant to serve by speaking loudly in your most authentic voice. For me that is using humor to comfort during difficult emotional times. What is your super power?