Don’t get me wrong: the car I’m driving…I bought it.

And the rock I’m rockin’… I totally got it.

But let me share with you the crazy train that got derailed when I tried to “break these people off, angel-style.” Perhaps you will even get a glimpse into your own irrational independence.




Buckle up and forgive me as I quote the hell out of Destiny’s Child!

All you women who are independent…

All the honeys who makin’ money….

All you mamas that profit dollas….

Independence is great when it comes to several things, but how do you know when that shit has gone too far?

When you actually contemplate walking outside in the effing snow in your bare feet rather than allowing your friend to go and get your damn boots.

Seriously, the above notion was the first rational thought that came to mind when I found myself in a rather odd situation. I was doing a polarity therapy session with a dear friend and colleague in a smaller room that was off a larger room used for yoga. There is an outside access to be used when class is in session. The problem was, I had kicked my shoes off at the front door to our office and walked up the stairs (inside) in my socks. When we came out of the session and the yoga class had already started, I thought “Damn, I’m going to have to go out in the snow without boots on.” When she was like, ”Dude, I’ll go get them, that’s what friends are for!” I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and oddly enough, shame. I was grateful she was there to help me, but I had a weird sense of shame that I needed help. Which is what I refer to as the crazy train being derailed.

Laughing at how irrational my independence had been, I immediately shared this story with my acupuncturist (yes it takes an effing army to keep me this balanced and enlightened). We laughed so hard and shared more stories about how we make these crazy vows to go it alone in business and in life.

We feel ashamed when we don’t get something or when we haven’t reached a milestone.

We have got to start rocking our independence while allowing the universe to love and support us, accepting the help of those that extend their hands to us instead of bitching about them viewing us as weak. Live life full throttle but don’t haul your ass around in the snow without your boots on……

All you ladies who truly feel me…throw your hands up at me.……. or at least leave a comment with your own irrational independence.