The day was hot my friends, hotter than the flag bearer from Tonga kind of hot, the day I realized I was a big, fat, juicy FRAUD! I had been in business for 18 months and had officially made $1,000. Yup the biggest and juiciest fraud of all times.

I made excuses that it wasn’t about the money. I was healing the planet one soul at a time and other popular drivel I used to keep money from snuggling down on the couch with me.

I had all kinds of people telling me I was successful and how I had changed their lives.

Coming to me in tears about how they had paid off tens of thousands of dollars in debt because of me. Breaking their emoji buttons with the smiley faces and salsa dancing lady about landing new clients, getting the raises, getting the man of their dreams. From multiple countries I had fans that loved me but I was not getting a steady stream of income and I was STRUGGLING!

You know what I am talking about. The tears that I shed over being able to pay my bills did not sit well with me. I was suffering from the entrepreneurial disease ‪#‎mafundsalow‬ (Ok so I totally made this term up but it’s when your funds are low or sometimes even gone) I kept going after certifications, programs, courses all feeding #mafundsalow disease.

I was consuming information like a freaking hoover but I still didn’t see my brilliance. It seems like a millions of moons and millions of dollars ago I got my wake up call. And now I am happy to say I have made a complete recovery from #mafundsalow. And money and I have never had a better relationship and funnily enough I still get to change the planet, one soul at a time.

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