I am mid launch and just got some heart wrenching news. The kind of news that makes you clutch your chest and ugly cry in the middle of your kitchen and stop breathing for what feels like an eternity. A friend of mine passed away from breast cancer this week. She was 4 years younger than me.

Life is short,

shorter than my bangs in elementary school short. Maybe you have been there? Running your business and then life serves you a giant steaming pile of reality? I thought about canceling or postponing, it seemed insensitive. It felt callused. Then I saw her face laughing and making an inappropriate inside joke about bang bang shrimp and dropping an Eff Bomb telling me to launch the damn thing. It reminded me of what I told her the 2nd time the cancer came back. Just put your bra on one boob at a time and move forward. Reality is all around us, this is just a PSA to keep laughing and put your bra on one boob at a time. (Unless you are a dude….Or maybe even still, I don’t know what you are into).

So it got me thinking what didn’t kill you but really did make you stronger? Leave a comment below. Or maybe it didn’t make you stronger and we can cry together and eat ice cream while giving reality the cold shoulder for a little while longer.