Not a day goes by that I don’t have someone tell me they’d love to work with me but they don’t have the money. Lots of the entrepreneurs I work with tell me they hear that too.
Every single client I work with ends up re-writing their money story. Some of them are high earners and have large bank balances and some are just making enough to pay the bills. It doesn’t matter where you’re going.
If you haven’t cleaned up your money story it’s going to keep popping up again and again.
What’s your earliest memory about money?
Was it about not having enough? Maybe it was that money means love. For some we learned that money is evil or those who have lots of money are somehow unkind or ungrateful.
There is no right or wrong. Once you’ve identified your story think about what fear came from that message. Did not having enough money make worry about your future? If your parents couldn’t spend on you did you worry that it meant they’d stopped loving you?
Sometimes the fear isn’t completely related to the money story. We’re not always logical.

Client example: Money could only be used on things she needed. Buying something she didn’t “need” was wasteful and selfish.
Once she could see this, the pattern was so obvious. Even though she can now afford it, there is still a bit of guilt when she splurges on something that’s not “necessary.”
Once we tapped on her story she realized that she’s responsible with her money and that it’s okay to splurge now and then.
Her money story also affected her earning potential. She had times when money came in fast and easy and times when there was a lot of struggle. Through our work, she was able to realize that she saw herself as someone who could always pay the bills, but extra wasn’t “necessary” so there was no need to earn more.

Our money stories show up in how we get along with our family. It can affect how we ask for help or accept gifts.
Because you know when we have money problems; it’s not really about the money. It’s about our story about the money.

It’s time to rewrite your money story

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