60 days of summer enlightenment challenge

Are you so freaking exhausted you don’t have time to take time for yourself?

Are you worried you have to silently meditate naked on a mountain for 10 days to reach enlightenment?  Although I am sure there is a fabulous retreat for that this ain’t the ride we are looking for…We want quickly easy and doable!!

Yeah we get it!!

When I’m not on stage, working against tight deadlines, looking for lost socks, or spreading all around awesomeness I’m a woman in need of a nap!!  I am so sure that you know what it’s like.  Often times we put ourselves last on our to do lists because well there isn’t enough time to go around.  What if I could gift you a few hours in your day?  MMMMMM…..Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to bend the space time continuum….Yet!  But I can totally…….

Make your life a little easier

I have 60 super simple fun exercises that you can do ON THE GO!!!  Yes, seriously!  I have gathered experts in all different fields to give you a little taste of what it is they do.


I promise this challenge will be:

  • FUN…honestly if it’s not fun it’s not getting done, let’s not kid ourselves here
  • Video’s or audio’s of exercises that brings inner peace and enlightenment in 2-15 minutes
  • A Facebook group to connect with other busy enlightenment seekers. We get it you may need to connect to a human @ 2am.  This is a safe space to reach out to others.  Coaches will be chiming in and you can always message me directly.
  • DID I MENTION FUN!!????!!!  This is a SUMMER FUN Challenge.  It will be slightly challenging and triggering emotionally if you have never done some of these things.  It’s nothing crazy.  If at any point you feel overwhelmed or it isn’t fun message me directly so we can talk about what is going on.

And of course because this is a challenge I wanna see you doing some of the exercises.  And you will be rewarded.

3 entries for every social media post with the hashtag #MandyLo #summerenlightenment

5 entries for every VIDEO you shoot doing the exercises with the hashtags #MandyLo #Summerenlightenment

10 entries for muscling your friends into the fun!!  Because everything is more fun with a friend.

And because you have enough to do don’t worry about writing down the details an email is waiting for you in your inbox with all these things just waiting for you.  Oh and since we tend to do things whole hog and beat ourselves up if we don’t anyone saying the words “I need to get caught up” are going to be lovingly reminded it’s supposed to be FUN jump in where you are and join the zen party.

I am so looking forward to this journey with all of you.  Message me directly with any questions.

We are gonna give YOU 60 opportunities to connect with YOU!  What do you have to lose?