I first met Mandy in 2014 and was immediately drawn to her energy and enthusiasm – she was so full of life! When I had the opportunity to work with her as my coach (via Skype) it was initially to follow the Tapping Into Wealth programme.  However, on learning that Mandy had a complementary programme incorporating archetypes I chose to explore that route with her.

It is always exciting to discover something new and this work left me feeling that I had found a part of myself that was previously hidden from me.

This in turn brought me some terrific insights and Mandy’s gentle coaching helped me to recognise and then integrate this ‘missing piece’ of my life story. Each coach has their own style and there are some folks I could never work with – Mandy is a lovely lady I could go back to again and again.

She easily creates and holds a comfortable space which allowed me to instinctively trust her with my ‘stuff’ and find ways to remove some blocks to moving forward with my goals.
It is obvious that Mandy cares about the wellbeing of her clients and I can totally recommend her coaching.

Joy Griffiths

Happiness Facilitator, Joyous Solutions Ltd, The UK

Full of passion for her work and for helping her clients, full of energy and an incredible sense of humor…that’s Mandy Dickson. She has dedicated her career to help others to improving their lives, stop beating themselves up, and resolving any issues that might stand in their way to achieve a perfect health, work-life balance, relationship and resolve any money issues. As an avid advocate of EFT (tapping method) she is constantly working on improving tools that help her clients to achieve the lives they dream of. I’ve known Mandy only for a short period of time, but I’m amazed by her energy, humor, and passion. If you need so much needed confidence or boost to turn your life around, I highly recommend getting touch with Mandy. You won’t end up just having a great life coach, but you end up gaining a caring friend too.

Daniela Sulek

Publisher and Editor in Chief, Madamesque, Canada

Mandy, I just had to write to thank you for our coaching session the other day. I found the archetypal process so insightful and fun! I am very grateful for the experience and the ease in which you guided me through the myriad of emotions I was experiencing. You had such a beautiful and compassionate way of leading me through the entire experience, giving me space when I needed it and posing great questions when I was feeling stuck. Looking forward to more coaching!

Colleen Smith

Hi Mandy, I just wanted to leave you a small note, letting you know just how special my “Discover Your Emotional Roadmap: More Break Through, Less Breakdown Session” with you has opened my eyes, that yes, I can do what my heart has always wanted to do! I have felt like that “broken woman” for so long that I was convinced that I could never see that dream come to pass. In just a few minutes, I knew I had contacted the right person to help me work through that trap I had allowed to rule my entire life. You have given me tools that can make this a journey of self love and self acceptance that I have needed nearly my whole life. I have shared this experience with a couple friemds and will continue to share your work with all that can benefit from it. My testimony will never end for the doors you have opened up for me again. The way you can open yourself to your clients is simply amazing, you’ll help so many more. May God continue to bless you! He has me by putting me in your path…forever grateful!

Angela Lutz

Mandy was such a wonderful help to me! Truly easy to talk to and easy to open up to. In only the first few minutes of our session, she uncovered some deep -seated issues that have been holding me back for years. She helped me talk about them and begin to work through them so that I can move on with my career and my life full steam! She also helped me outline a plan of action for my future. Truly a wonderful woman who I wholeheartedly recommend!

Mandy Lillis

New York

When I worked with Mandy I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t think I needed “therapy” but I knew I was getting in my own way. I took a chance and I am so grateful that I did. I was able to shed my old story and step into a brighter version of myself.



I am a small business owner. Business was good, but business can always get better. After the first few sessions I actually doubled my income and my confidence. I mean I am a successful person so I wouldn’t have imagined it could actually get better, but it did.



I met my husband shortly after working with Mandy. Amy